Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Facebook References in Popular TV Culture

Social Networking is taking over the world for sure, already these sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube, My Space are some of the most visited websites in the world, portraying the popularity of the concept of Social Networking.Good Investors see this as the new bubble to cash in and have started introducing the likes of Facebook into popular culture.Today I will not discuss anything to do with The Social Network Movie or any other movie that has a Facebook base, but I will concentrate on the other forms of popular culture where Facebook has been used such as YouTube Videos, TV Pilots, Music Etc-

The Five Days of Facebook - A video made by Indian artists that depict the expectations from Facebook and the reality of it.

Vodafone Facebook Musical Ad - An Ad made by Vodafone with a very catchy musical based on Facebook as the central theme. Sadly there is no official video available online.Everyone remembers the song " He's always on Facebook......."

Facebook references in Pilots
There have been many Facebook references in Pilots, I will only be able to reference a few of them here as I do not even remember all of them!

1)90210: Naomi Clark talks about how Liam Court had been on her Facebook page often because he likes her.

2)Gossip Girl: Many references by Blair and Selena about Facebook Profiles.

3)Big Bang Theory: Many References again, one of which is Leonard sulking over his Ex-Girlfriends relationship status on Facebook.

Howard's many instances of asking girls to take photos with him for his Facebook Profile.

4)Simpsons: An episode in season 22 (I think) where Mark Zuckerberg is featured as the Facebook creator, who meets Nelson (The School Bully).

5)South Park: An episode called "You have 0 Friends" shows many references to Facebook through out the episode.

6)Supernatural: In season 5 Episode 8, Dean says to Sam: "A bloody violent monster and you want to be Facebook friends with him?" 

7)Modern Family: In season 1 Phil Dunphy announces that he has 447 Facebook Friends.

There are a lot more such references excluding the movies, so if you know any please comment below and I will make sure I will include them.The reason I did not include movies here is that I am going to write a separate article about that in the future, stay tuned for that.

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