Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Compare Prices of Books Mobiles Automatically from Different Websites

Get rid of the usual way of Shopping and checking the prices of Books, Gadgets, Mobiles Etc online by going to a few different popular online stores and checking the prices in each site manually.Now you can do this all in one page, one website.MySmartPrice is a new Indian website that allows you to check the prices of goods from different websites, so that you have an educated choice about where to buy and at the lowest price.As shown in the picture, this website shows the prices of an item that you search from all the popular online stores across India.At the moment, this feature is limited to only India as the prices are shown in Indian Rupees.

Automatically Compare Prices

As you can see, the website also gives an good estimate of the Delivery Time, Shipping Cost Etc, which can affect your decision of "Where to Buy?".

The Website has also started another application called Finder, where you can search the different sites for the Mobile Phones in a range of Cost or Specifications, a very useful tool indeed.

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