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Blogging Peaks: What to do once you get there?

What to do with a Famous Blog

Every Blogger sets out as a dreamer, with a dream to one day reach the summits of Blogging.If you are honest, hardworking, well-informed and love to blog, then in a couple of years you will get there, you will have a well ranked, popular and respected blog and also you would have created a brand name for yourself.Now that you have all these things, what to do next?You always used to dream about the next step, work hard to get there, but now you are the pinnacle, don't know what to do next?There are a lot of things you can do once you reach this point, first of all I believe there is no pinnacle as such, when it comes to Blogging.You always have space to improve, there are always little things you can make better, but I will tell you some of the stuff you can do when you feel you are losing the motivation that you once had.

Just because you reached the top does not mean you are allowed to slack off or forget about your blog for days together.Keep updating the information, keep building an audience, ensure you install new features in your blog to remain up-to-date with the latest software and technology.Getting to the top is not the tough part, staying there is.

Once you have proved your credentials as a great blogger, you can always take up a paid blogging role at an illustrious news website or an online journal as a columnist for your preferred niche.A classic example for this is Amit Agarwal of who is currently also employed as the Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal(India). Perks of this Job: A much wider Global Audience. More exposure to your blog than you already have. Well Paid Job.

Become an Author
You have already proved that you are a great writer as you have built a successful blog(in your niche) which has managed to grab the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, with the foundation of great content. So why not turn this great ability blogging into Book? eBook? You convey your message, just in a different way than blogging. Authoring a book can be much easier once you have worked hard to prove your blogging credentials as any publishing company would be happy to publish the exquisite work of a person who already has so many fans online. You need not worry about the sales numbers, as long as it is in the niche of your blog, then you can expect to make a good number of sales. The Best example for this is Darren Rowse, he has been an awesome blogger for more than half a decade and now he has dipped his toe into authoring.

Expand your Brand Offline 
Once you reach a certain point of popularity, you can start to expand your brand offline, this may include souvenirs, books, accessories Etc. As of yet, I have seen only few Bloggers get into this, but I have seen many scores of YouTube Celebrities get into merchandising, they use their online brand power to sell T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs Etc.

Make specialized Apps
You can reach a new set of audience by creating apps for your blog that run on Android, iOS devices.Many top websites such as and use these custom apps to reach new audiences, audiences who otherwise may not have found the website. 6)Start a YouTube Channel Take your blogging to the next level, by introducing video-blogging, this is a growing field and this has the potential to nearly double your audience base as YouTube attracts millions of visitors each day.Tap into this vast resource, you can also apply to the YouTube Partnership for your blog's channel with Adsense and earn revenue from it.

 These are just some of the things you can do once you reach the summit of blogging, be creative and think of some of your own.Remember, you can reach the clouds and beyond it you can only imagine.
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