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Admaya CPC Online Advertising Publishing Network Review 2012

Admaya ReviewAdmaya is an Indian Online Advertising Publishing Network, a relatively new comer in the Advertising Company.I ran Admaya for a couple of weeks on my three Blogs and I wanted to share some of the details with you, so that you can make a decision whether to join with Admaya or not.

Admaya offers only CPC based Ads, which means you get money only for Clicks and not for Impressions(CPM).

Diversity of Ads
Admaya has two options, one which claims to be Contextual Ads while the other is Random Ads.I really did not see any Ads that were remotely related to the topic of this Blog, which is a Tech Blog.All I saw was Ads and some other Matrimony Ads.If you run a dating website or a  Wedding related Website, then I would definitely suggest you to go for Admaya as they seem to have only these ads(My Experience).So diversity of ads is not their greatest strong point.

Coverage of Ads
Admaya seemed to have decent coverage, showing ads more than 90% of the time, which is better compared to AdBrite.Although its decent, it is not great, sometimes you will get a blank white space which will be a big distraction to your Readers and makes your Blog look Tacky.

Now Lets Move on to the really important stuff.

Admaya offers very Low CPC, around the range of 0.025$ or so, I am not giving exact CPC that I had, but it is around that figure.But most CPC Ad networks other than Adsense, Adbrite and Chitika are not much better in CPC.

Other Features
Admaya includes some good features, I have made a list of them here -
  1. Text/Banner Ads
  2. Referral Programs
  3. Ad Unit Statistics
  4. Profit Statistics
  5. Restricted Sites
  6. Request for Cash Withdrawal
  7. Payment through :  Check  PayPal   Bank transfer
  8. Transferring Funds Directly to Advertiser Account
Admaya, although it has some good features, is not a great earner, if you do not have Traffic that exceeds 100000 hits a month, I feel you may never reach pay out.Even with that traffic it will take you some time.So Overall I would give Admaya -

3/10 on a scale where Adsense is 9/10
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