Friday, 20 January 2012

Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm Change in Google Search

Google today announced that it has come up with a new tweak to the Google Search Algorithm, called the Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm.This new Algorithm seems to penalize those websites and blogs who use too many ads above the fold, which causes a bad experience for internet users.Google basically does not websites showing up in their "Top Search Results" which have too many ads above the fold, which disturbs the reading experience of the Internet User.Basically this new Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm targets to promote those websites which are concentrating more on the Content than the ads, those blogs and websites which have a clutter of ads above the fold, will lose out on the search engine rankings unless they can make changes to their layout and Ad Placement quickly.

There are two ways by which you can find out whether you have too many Ads above the fold or not -
  • Wait for a while and see if you drop in search engine rankings and lose traffic from Google Search.Then you can be sure that you have too many ads above the fold, but not to worry, as soon as you remove those ads and place them somewhere else and the Google Bots Re-Crawl your site, you will get back your search rankings.
  • You can use the Algo Checker - Which tells you whether your Website or Blog is following the guidelines that the new Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm has defined.Here you can see the Picture of Geeks and Nerds Online, our blog, as seen by the new Algorithm during Indexing.If your Blog or Website looks something like this, then you can be relaxed and not worry much about your Blog losing out with the new Search Engine Algorithm change.
Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm Change Search

I think having one Ad above the folded is considered standard, smaller the ad, better you will perform in the search engines.If you can have no ad at all, that would be even better.Although I am planning to make the banner size of my Blog a little smaller, so that I get more content into the "Fold" region.

This new Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm is the biggest change in the Google Search Algorithm since the Google Panda Update, which caused a mighty stir in the Search Engine Rankings.

Matt Cutts has said that this Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm will affect about 1% of the Internet search users, but if you are not into Search Engines, you will not really notice the changes in the Websites being listed, although you will get a better experience while reading a blog or checking out a website.I really like this new move by Google, this will create a better Internet for all as well as add another part to SEO which is removing Ads above the fold.

Check out this Video by Matt Cutts, Move to 20 Minutes for related info -

This may also have an affect on overall Google Adsense Earnings for Google as well as for individuals who publish these ads, as it has been globally accepted that higher the ads, more the revenue generated from it.So this seems to be a selfless move by Google.
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