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6 Tips to Make Your Blog/Website Homepage Better

Having a great Homepage to a blog or a website can have great benefits, first of all it is usually the most visited page of the site, so you would want to make a good impression about your site to your visitors so that they would want to come back and visit again.I myself have worked greatly on my homepage and now I am really happy with the way it looks, if you see my homepage, you will understand that it stands out from a regular Blogger Blog, because of this many people have given me good remarks about my homepage, so making you homepage better is a must for all webmasters.

Make homepage better

6 Tips to Make Your Blog/Website Homepage Better

Uniqueness of a Homepage is one of the most important things, if someone visits your blog and sees that it looks like any other website of your niche, why will he want to return, what is special about your blog?So make your homepage unique, so that it stands out from rest of your niche.

Making your blog homepage unique does not mean that you should put all sorts of widgets or applications or flash software to make it look like a Collage of Colors, offer widgets that suit your blog, do not unnecessary widgets or tools that do not match the content of your blog.Have lesser widgets on your homepage (learn how to add widgets only on article pages and not on Homepage in Blogger) have a compact look to it, nothing should be sticking out or be out of place.Make your blog symmetrical.

Have a Good Theme
If you are running an informative blog or website, then have a good solid theme which is pleasing on the eye, like the theme we have on our blog, a simple two color theme that is also attractive.If you are running an entertainment Blog or website, then you better use more attractive colors and innovative banners for your blog homepage.

No Ads
Do not have any ads on your Homepage, if you want to, then limit it to just one ad in the homepage as you do not want people to think you only about making money.Also you do not want people to leave your blog from your homepage, you want them to check out the articles you have on your blog, not leave to another website through an ad.

Link to your Best Posts
Since a homepage is one of the most visited pages on the blog, make sure you link some of your best articles prominently from your homepage, guests reading these quality articles will get a good feel about your blog and also may subscribe to your blog to read more such stuff.You can Subscribe to our blog here.

Limit your Images
Having too many images on your blog homepage can be bad too, they take up a lot of space, which is precious on a homepage.If you want to have many images on your Homepage, make a post slide, like I have, if you want tips on making the post slide, then please ask through comments.Make sure that the images you have are deeply related to your blog.

So I hope you follow these tips to make your Blog homepage better, I recommend you read all our Blogging Tips to learn more.
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