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Kindle Reading Device Reviews - Discounts and Information

The Kindle is like a Book Reader, an electronic book reader, to put it in simple terms. The Kindle is purely an Amazon product and hence is retailed only at Amazon. The Kindle is a great device which removes the need to go to a Book Store and buy a book, It allows you to buy books online and read them on its big screen.Basically this is a device made for people to read books on.

The Software is impeccable, sometimes I wonder why these people from Amazon who designed this Kindle never went on to design Mobile Phones or Smart Phones, cause they are definitely capable.

Amazon Corporation announced an Android-based tablet Reading Device with a capacitive color touch screen on September 28, 2011. It costs $199 and has a 7-inch IPS display. This is the first Kindle without an E Ink display, this was considered a drawback in the previous models of Kindle. But Unlike previously released Kindles, it has no 3G option. The Kindle Fire also has a light sensor but lacks a microphone, camera, and SD slot which some tablets do have. It has 8GB of storage and a projected battery life of less than eight hours.

The Kindle comes in 3 Different Varieties -


Kindle has five hard keys and a cursor pad but no keyboard; the device retains the 6 inch e-ink display of the previous Kindle model, in a slightly smaller and lighter form factor.

4GB Storage

Battery Life - One Month

Kindle Touch
Amazon announced a touchscreen version of the Kindle on September 28, 2011
Features -
Wi-Fi ($99 ad-supported, $139 no ads) or Wi-Fi/3G connectivity ($149 ad-supported, $189 no ads).
6-inch E-ink infrared touch-screen control
4GB Storage
2 Months Battery Life

Kindle Fire
Already describes in Post.

So What are you waiting for? Go Pick up a Kindle Today!

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