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How to add Polls Inside Blogger Blog Posts|Geeks and Nerds Blogger Tricks

Blogger has a really good Polls widget or gadget, whatever you may want to call it.You can add how many ever answers to each poll, you can set the end date for the polls as well as allow users and visitors of your blog to choose multiple options in the poll as well, but one question remains, How to add a poll inside a blog post in blogger? So lets answer this question today.

So first thing you would want to do is to create a normal poll using the Blogger Poll widget, just like you would do normally.
Poll Question inside Blog Post

So once you are done with adding your Poll on your desired topic, now you go and view your blog from the view blog tab.
Once your are in your blog, view page-source.
Here press Control F and Type in your Poll name.Copy the Iframe with the head line tag.
Now go to New Post tab and you will find, Edit Html tab next to it while you update your blog, go to that tab.
Poll Question inside Blogger Blog Post

Here Paste the Iframe depending on where you want to the poll to be placed within your blog post.
Thats it your are now done, you can answer the sample poll by me here.

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