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Best Performing Adsense Banner Sizes - High CTR Better CPC

Google Adsense is an online Advertising and Publishing network started by Google in the early 2000's which enables companies to reach new customers and website owners to earn money from helping these companies achieve the task of reaching new customers.

If you are reading this post, then you are probably not happy with the Adsense earnings you are getting and probably want to optimize your Ad Placement and check out the Best Performing Adsense Banner Sizes for better CPC and higher CTR.

So what are the Best Performing Adsense Banner Sizes?

Here are pictures of all the available Adsense Banner Sizes -

Adsense Best Banner Sizes CTR

Adsense Best Banner Sizes CPC

Adsense Best Banner Sizes for Blogs

Adsense Best Banner Sizes
Now the Golden Rule to follow for Optimizing Adsense Earnings is "Bigger is Better"

The best Ad-Units for this purpose would be the -

  1. 160X600 Wide Sky Scraper 
  2. 336X280 Large Rectangle
  3. 728X90 Leaderboard
As far as I have tested, these three ad units increase the Adsense Earnings by upto 30% over the span of a few weeks.But it is always advised to check out which Ad Units best suit your own Website or Blog.Also you need to blend the color of your Ad - Units into the Color of your Template or Background.

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I also Suggest this book as a Must Read for all Google Adsense Publishers -

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