Wednesday, 28 December 2011

3 Secrets of Making Money From YouTube

3 Secrets of Making Money From YouTube is another PRP Blog post where we tell you about How to Make Money From YouTube.We Highly recommend you purchase this book on Secrets of Making Money From YouTube to supplement this tutorial, you get a discount too.

Now Making money from YouTube is a great way to supplement your own day-job earnings, but it can lead to a whole new job too, if you do your work well.

I am assuming you know the basics of Making money from YouTube and hence I will concentrate on minute details of your Videos or Equipment.

But at first I would suggest you to go through these 3 Secrets of Making Money From YouTube -

1) Be Spontaneous and a Little Crazy In Your YouTube Videos

People ultimately come to YouTube to get entertained, not see the news or listen to some motionless guy talking, if they wanted to do that they would just watch Arjun Rampal or Kristen Stewart on TV!

There is no place on YouTube for boring readers or people who talk about Scientific Details and what not.

Entertainment is the key factor, if you entertain, you rule YouTube.

2) Make Big YouTube Celebrity Friends

To become big on YouTube you had better make some great Friends such as NigaHiga or Ray William Johnson.They can help you climb the charts on YouTube easily. You can also purchase this book we found about How to rise through YouTube Charts. You also get a Discount on this Book!

3) Create Controversy

This is how people become Celebrities, ask the Kardashians, Paris Hilton Etc.While making your Videos, use some controversial stuff as a base topic, this will get your audiences engaged in the whole video and it will also draw thousands of comments and ratings to your video, making it more visible.

To conclude I would like to say, ultimately your video needs to be good, there is no SEO in YouTube so everyone starts out the same, you have equal opportunity, make the best of it!

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